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CIBSE and the LIA ‘go live’ with TM66 Assured product verification scheme

The LIA (Lighting Industry Association) and CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) have joined forces to introduce an innovative product verification scheme aimed at promoting circular economy practices within the lighting industry. This new scheme, known as the TM66 Assured, will provide independent verification of lighting manufacturers' circularity claims, ensuring accuracy and credibility.

What is TM66 Assured?

TM66 Assured is a product verification scheme, developed by the LIA and endorsed by CIBSE, is an essential component of the comprehensive TM66 toolkit to assess the circular economy credentials of lighting products throughout the supply chain. 
According to CIBSE, this scheme leverages CIBSE’s TM66 Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry guidelines and the TM66 Circular Economy Assessment Methods (CEAM) developed by a cross industry team of manufacturers - including Tamlite Lighting and wider industry stakeholders including specifiers.
If you are unfamiliar with TM66 - you may be unaware of its aims: it offers practical guidance and tools to enable the lighting sector to adopt sustainable, circular practices and has already gained recognition and adoption by major specifiers and organisations within the industry. In the future, it is envisaged that this will be extended to cover other areas of building services engineering beyond lighting products.
(T-Word from Tamlite has produced an explainer on everything you need to know about TM66 - which you’re welcome to read). 
Manufacturers - including Tamlite - are already providing ratings for their luminaires, and with the TM66 Assured Scheme, they can now seek third-party verification ensuring the credibility, objectivity, and consistency of these ratings. 
This partnership ensures the reliability and integrity of the TM66 Assured Product Conformity Verification Scheme.

Industry Response

Helen Loomes, President of the Society of Light and Lighting, has praised the TM66 and CEAM frameworks for enabling informed specification decisions. With the introduction of the TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme, decision-makers can now have confidence that circular economy claims are robust and comparable between products, providing protection throughout the value engineering process.

Ayça Donaghy, CEO of the LIA, emphasised the lighting industry's commitment to delivering net-zero solutions and the necessity to address environmental impact comprehensively. Transitioning from the unsustainable linear economy to a circular economy, where resources in luminaires are conserved, valued, and their life extended, is the next logical step.”

Tamlite is pleased to confirm that  EXPO  is now TM66 certified. Tamlite is a founding member of the TM66 Assured Beta team, for Circular Economy Luminaire Assessments. EXPO is one of the first luminaires to achieve this Certification.  More and more of our luminaires will achieve this certification as we move forward.

Learn More

To learn more about the LIA and this initiative, visit https://www.thelia.org.uk/page/TM66_Circularity.
For additional information on CIBSE, please visit www.cibse.org.uk.

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