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Why secure anti-ligature lighting solutions are critical for sensitive environments

Creating a safe and secure environment is of utmost importance when it comes to designing spaces for vulnerable individuals in sensitive, healthcare environments. This applies especially to facilities that care for those who are at risk of self-harm or injury to others. Secure, anti-ligature lighting has a crucial role to play in minimising these risks and can potentially help to save lives.

Design features of secure anti-ligature lighting

Secure, anti-ligature lighting is designed, specifically, to minimise the risk of self-harm or harm to others by reducing ligature points. A ligature point refers to any point where a cord, rope, or other material could be used to inflict harm. Anti-ligature lighting is suitable for a variety of spaces including entrances, corridors, bedrooms, day rooms and communal area. Features of the luminaires include:

  • Tamper-proof design: Fixtures are specifically manufactured to prevent easy disassembly or removal.
  • Flat and smooth surfaces: Minimising protrusions or surfaces where a ligature could be attached.
  • Vandal-resistant, robust materials: The luminaires can withstand excessive force to prevent damage, or their use as a ligature point or weapon.

Lighting for wellbeing in sensitive environments

Environments such as psychiatric hospitals and mental health facilities face ongoing challenges to address mental health concerns. Anti-ligature lighting is a relatively low-cost way to help manage these serious risks and can form part of a lighting system that is designed to support the wellbeing of building users, whether patients, visitors, or staff. Lighting is proven to influence mood and emotions, and can help create a secure, therapeutic environment that feels safe but not institutional.

Tamlite’s new range of secure, anti-ligature luminaires has been carefully manufactured to offer maximum safety, while, at the same time, promote people’s comfort and wellbeing. A well-designed lighting system, which considers the needs of all building users, creates safer, and more positive spaces – and can potentially help to save lives.

  • Tamlite is a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting systems for secure environments within the healthcare sector. Find out more about our newly launched Tamlite Secure Range. Click here to download our Secure Range Brochure.

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