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Should the lighting industry 'ditch' uniformity?

Helping the world to reach net-zero is the goal of any technical manufacturer. But when it comes to lighting, are more rule-breaking methods needed to help achieve it quicker?

Uniformity is regarded as a key component in lighting design. But with the shift in corporate lighting design as a result of COVID, there is an argument that isn’t as necessary as it used to be.

Pre-pandemic, the task area of a workplace accounted for 24% of the office space. At any given time only 60% of people are sitting at their desk at some point throughout the day.

Whilst the calculations have not been finalised, the number of people at their desk will undoubtedly be reduced.

To demonstrate the value of lighting we need to look at its benefits. This means looking at creating wellbeing, productivity, health and an overall focused environment with lighting. The focus now must be on intelligent lighting design that brings a wave of benefits rather than just ticking boxes.


Net-zero is brought about when all buildings focus on sustainability. Sustainable buildings are not just focused on an impressive design but a commitment to creating a healthy and economically viable space.

Not only this, but intelligent schemes must look at the long-term costs of maintenance in order to help save energy and enhance productivity. And so, uniformity may not be as crucial to achieving this as once thought.

The definition of net-zero buildings is one that produces as much energy as it consumes. So, reducing waste is as important as luminaire efficiency and this means a closer focus on intelligent lighting design.

In a workplace or corporate space, prioritising task lighting over ‘light if needed’ means building lighting for people and their habits. This focus may now need to be on lighting for people rather than the spaces themselves.

This may just bring about net-zero more than a project designed solely to specification could.

You can read further into how Tamlite are helping retrofit buildings for the future here.

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