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5 Things To Consider When Lighting An Office

Lighting can be the key difference between a productive office and an idle one.

No matter how ingeniously workspaces are designed – the way they are lit can push it into greatness. This means considering all areas of an office. Using LED lighting can bring about a number of benefits. These includes significant reductions to maintenance and a boost to energy efficiency. However, the crucial is applying it all in the proper way.

Here, we take a look at five considerations you should be making when you are planning to light an office area:

1. Avoid patches of low light

Uniformity is a top priority when lighting up areas full of focused people. Having patches where the light is not consistent is something to avoid. It will not only distract occupants, but also cause them pain with all of the adjusting their eyes will be doing.

2. Allow hazards to be highlighted

Health and safety is a necessity in modern offices. As a result, it should always be considered when lighting one. Identifying hazards is the first step to maintaining standards and avoiding incidents. Therefore, ensure that your office lighting is well placed so occupants can be aware of where hazards are.

3. Light at an appropriate level

Choosing luminaires that are too dim or too bright can have a negative effect on office occupants. This includes constant squinting or glare. The catch is that different intensity is required at separate times of the day. Consider using smart controls or sensors. This ensures lighting changes appropriately throughout the working day.

4. Changing temperature

On top of the intensity, lighting in the wrong colour can have the same outcomes. Studies have shown that colour temperatures between 2700 K and 4200 K are favoured by those who work inside of any office. Going by these temperatures, your office light should be warm to neutral.

5. Task lighting

Typically, modern offices are not one-room spaces. Modern designs encompass a variety of different spaces that serve different purposes. Consider what lighting fixtures work best for different spaces. For example, recessed downlights are great for toilets, but they are not going to cut it when it comes to desk-filled areas. Here, you need a dedicated office module like Tamlite’s ADVANCE.

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